Day 310: Shinjuku


My friend Hiromi made me a list of cafes to visit on my first trip to Tokyo in 2010. Two doors past the Calico Cafe (a cat cafe, I was to find out) is Ejinbara Coffee. The menu was in Japanese, so I just pointed to the first item. I wasn’t disappointed.


Every cup that isn’t an espresso-based drink is prepared in a siphon. The result is an exceptionally “clean” taste, and a mouthfeel I can only describe as light-as-air. I wish I knew enough Japanese to tell you where these beans originated from, but the cup was worth the $10 price tag.


4 thoughts on “Day 310: Shinjuku

  1. Wow, as a person who needs their cuppa joe in the morning before I can be a reasonable or semi-reasonable human being, this sounds divine! I’ve only flown through Tokyo, never spent any time there. Guess that will have to change. But now I’m wondering if I could find something similar in Japantown in San Francisco. Hmmmm…..

  2. averyfrost93

    Ah! Tokyo *starry eyes*

    I’m currently studying Japanese, and I hope to study abroad in Tokyo senior year. Super competitive program, so I’m not sure it will work out, but the big, busy city has appealed to me forever. Did you pop inside the Calico Cafe?

    • I’m envious! I fell in love with Tokyo and wish I could live there. And yes, we did drop by the Calico Cafe. Definitely need to write a story about that… 🙂 All the best for your study-abroad plans! Gambatte!

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