Out for Lunch


Open up a can of chickpeas. See in your head a bowl of creamy hummus. Remember E’s picture from Jordan? It was taken around a campfire at dusk. A Bedouin man brewed a pot of tea and E had tea like that, in the desert, amidst sand dunes. E ate a lot of hummus while she was there. Won’t touch the restaurant variety today.

Slice a lemon. A fridge must always contain lemons. Imagine if you reduced the contents of your fridge to just those things found in very old valleys: chickpeas (how did they grow those?), olives, goat cheese, and hello, wine.

Hummus was probably a staple for any strapping young shepherd. Who knew that people living a thousand years ago ate better than we do today? Grinding seeds against a stone, leaving dates and figs out to dry until they were strips tough as leather. Organic then wasn’t expensive. It was the only way one could make lunch.